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"Karen is amazing! Her abilities allow for her to connect with her clients in a unique and meaningful way. She is not only accurate and insightful, but also offers positive and constructive possibilities to help you navigate through difficult or painful situations. I am truly grateful to Karen for offering readings, guidance, and affirmation."

– P.C.Y., Educational Psychologist

"I have had many readings over the years from gifted psychics. However, the evidence provided in Karen’s reading for me was unmatched. She also has an ability to help you understand the meaning of the information she receives. So I found her reading to have a deeper, more impactful effect. She also does not put you under a strict time constraint the way other psychics typically do during the reading. Prior to her reading she explained her approach, which consists of a brief pre-reading a day or two before, followed by the reading itself, and often a follow-up call if she receives additional information after the session, which she did for me. Her unselfish approach by sharing additional information after the reading is unique. I highly recommend her."

– Francis G., Corporate Vice President/Marketing

"I just wanted to touch base with you regarding the great reading I received from you at the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach. I have not forgotten this exceptionally incredible experience. I look forward to having another reading with you in the near future."

– F.Y., Commercial Airline Pilot

"Karen had been a personal friend for many years when I noticed a comment made on Facebook one day about her being intuitive. I reached out to her immediately and we set up a time for a reading. I was writing notes as she was giving my reading so some of what she said I was not able to digest until I went back and quietly looked over my notes. And Wow!! She was right on. Please know that we live in different cities and none of what we discussed was anything related to any information on social media. 

The second time she did a reading for was even more telling. VERY INTERESTING AND RIGHT ON. She described one of my managers to the T and named a coworker who was indeed my mentor. I think the takeaway was not only the insight provided, but the spiritual guidance and overall uplifting message of her readings. Karen is the real deal! You will not be disappointed."

– K.H., Interior Designer and Entrepreneur

"It is hard to pinpoint how unbelievable Karen is as a psychic and a person, as she has enlightened and helped me in so many ways. She was able to reach out to my loved ones who have passed and has given me great guidance and closure. Karen has tremendous abilities that have helped me in more ways than I can write. Before my current occupation, I spent some time in a combat role in Afghanistan. She has been able to help me gain closure with some of the events that took place due to her psychic abilities. She has become a true friend and I highly recommend her services for any and all questions regarding your next chapter."

– Sean, National Security Program Professional

"My "readings" with Karen have been over the phone, however I've always felt that she was right there in the room with me. Karen is insightful, accurate, detailed, kind, honest, and warm. And very important to me, she has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh!! Great positive energy and I always come away with a sense of peace and a road map for the future." 

– Chris S., Award Winning Producer/Editor for an International News Program  

"As I reflect on my reading with Karen, I see three parts.


First, there were surprises. Such as keeping an eye out for feathers, coins, black squirrels, cardinals…which perched next to me the next day while meditating in my favorite park. I now look for these things to guide me and speak to me: symbols and signs that existed apart from my consciousness prior to the reading. Now I am aware that they are there, speaking.


Next, potential major life changes were suggested that I consider for the first time. A move to California, expanding my art and music, finding a studio, and adding photography to the mix. Simple things like riding my bike meditatively, having more fun like cotton candy, and worrying less, if at all, about money.


Finally, I was given tools to get there. Such as free-form journaling, visualizing with intention what I want to accomplish, numerology, remembering dreams, drinking more water,  and a beautiful prayer to help me along the way. ‘I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.’"

– Steve F., Insurance Agent

"Karen is extremely powerful and is able to receive information in many forms. Her sense of humor relaxes you and her practical approach helps you to be receptive to the information she receives. She is a very gifted psychic."

– Anne G., Psychiatric Nurse





"I was referred to Karen by a friend for whom she did a medium reading. My friend had explained how Karen connected with her grandfather and provided detailed information verifying  their relationship and an important message for her.


So I decided to reach out to Karen for a reading of my own. I had been thinking about my deceased father, how I missed him, and really wanted to make  a connection with him.


Karen knew nothing about my relationship with him but immediately connected to his spirit.  She described him physically even down to a favorite muted red plaid shirt he often wore.  She related stories about our relationship when I was growing up, including a remarkable reference to Hershey bars. She said your dad is saying do you remember the Hershey bars?   And how he used to break them in pieces for everyone after dinner.  


Well I certainly did,   Because every Sunday evening after our family dinner, my father would give me money to go across the street to the local grocery store and buy a family size Hershey bar for dessert. 

 He would then sit at the table and break off those distinctive Hershey squares and pass them around to everyone at the table. It was his little tradition after a nice Sunday meal. Can you imagine how I felt when she relayed that story to me from him. It was pure evidence that she was in connection with my father. After a few more stories such as that one which she relayed to me from him, he then shared some very heartfelt feelings to me which he felt he never shared while here on earth. It was healing and impactful for both of us.

 The experience was remarkable, healing, comforting and filled me with hope. I simply cannot recommend Karen highly enough for the positive impact this had on me and for how I know she is so gifted to be able to help others as well."

                                                                                                                             -Edward., Marketing Executive

"Upon the sudden death of my Beloved Sister, my heart was heavy with sorrow, guilt, anger...
I longed to have questions answered... Why did this happen? What could I have done to prevent her death? Is she ok?

I didn't know where to turn. Someone recommended a medium and provided Karen Rooney's contact information. 

I felt the need to sit with Karen and speak with her in person.  At the time, she only saw clients on Wednesday's, and this was a Friday. However, she made an exception and met with me.  I asked her why.  She said she felt I needed her.  She was correct.  

Karen connected with my sister and told me things I never disclosed to her. 

Through Karen, my Sister said "Thank you for being my big sister."  I never told Karen I was older.  
My Sister also said "Buy yourself some flowers. Preferably Tulips."  Karen had no idea tulips were my sister's favorite flower.

There were several more statements and incidents that Karen's Spirit channeled and saw.  


Karen knew about acquaintances from my past and lessons I learned from those individuals.  She knew about my upcoming move into my  new home, and spoke about my interior decor that I had shopped for.  I was astounded!


Since our initial meeting, I have felt at peace concerning my sister. I feel she's ok and have felt and seen her presence as Karen had said.  


I have raved about Karen to my family and friends.   

I am a believer that Karen is guided by Spirit. She is a medium, psychic, clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient.  I witnessed all these abilities during our session.

I have had several readings over the years.  Not only has Karen’s been the most accurate, but also the easiest to comprehend.  Spirit guides her, talks to her, shows her.... There are no charts to interpret. It’s all straight forward.  I trust Karen and willI continue to schedule readings with her."


                                                                                                                                                     -T Cass Aviation Industry

"I recently had the privilege of doing a reading with Karen Rooney.  My father passed away several months ago and I was seeking some answers surrounding his death.  The reading was very healing and I so appreciate the time that she took with me.  One anecdote that I found humorous…for the first time in over a year my 6 year old daughter and I made some jello to help with her sore throat.  Karen messaged me that very day and asked if I could call her.  When I did she said “I didn’t want to write this in a message because it sounds silly but your father asked me to get in touch with you and say this….JELLO.”  Karen has a keen ability to access the spirit world and their healing energy.’"

– J.S., Interior Designer

"This review is way overdue but I am the worst at writing. I met Karen a few years ago when my husband was working on her home. She opened the door and the first thing that came out was "Nikki"..that's me. He said my wife's name is Nikki and she gave him her card which he passed on to me that night.  I  immediately called her thus starting our friendship. She knew I was just diving into this "spiritual stuff" and so I met her at the Edgar Cayce center and she guided me in choosing 2 books. Those 2 books changed my entire life and really helped jump start my spiritual growth. I've had 2 readings with her and though I didn't understand some of it at the time certain things were validated or came to fruition days, even months after my readings. My last reading gave me so much clarity and hope for what I am meant to do. It was so spot on with the path my life is taking right now. But it is not just the readings...Karen will just randomly call me and tell me things that are going to happen. I am a Real Estate Agent and I was having some difficulty with one of my listings. She called me and told me to keep positive and they were showing her a 4 which meant I would get under contract in 4 days or on Thursday, saying that if you start from Monday then Thursday is the 4th day of the work week.  Sure enough...we went under contract on Thursday! Months later she calls me when I am in my office and says while meditating she thought of me and wanted  me to know this position was wide open for me. She saw an umbrella and people working under me and a piece of a pie. I had recently taken a newer agent under my wing and gave her a buyer lead I was working. I was working it with her and would get a referral fee so in a sense still getting a piece of the pie...which is what I thought she meant however when I stepped back in my office and told my boss what she had said he looked dumbfounded. He then told me that before I arrived he and the other owners of the company and had talked about giving me ownership and one of the owners exact words were "giving her a piece of the pie". It does not get any more accurate than that! I turn to Karen when I need a little guidance because she truly has an amazing gift! "

– Nikki Love Real Estate Agent

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