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Empathic Healer, Accurate Psychic


Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Expect from a Reading?

Once a reading is scheduled, I will connect with you over the phone for a brief pre-reading, which usually lasts about 15 minutes. During this brief session, I will connect with your energy, learn what you are interested in focusing your reading on, and start to identify your anchors to ensure I am in your energy.
The reading itself typically lasts about an hour. I will initially explain the information I am receiving and you will have time throughout the reading to ask any questions. I am known to be generous with my time, and I will attempt to answer all your questions without you having to worry about a strict time constraint. 
After the reading, sometimes a day or two later, I will frequently receive additional information and if I do, I will give you a brief follow-up call to share whatever additional information I receive.

How Do I Prepare for a Reading to Make the Most of My Session? 
I have found many clients to be nervous, a little skeptical, and unsure of what to expect. I always recommend getting in a calm, safe quiet place, do a little deep breathing for a few minutes before your session, drink water and have a pen and pad available to write down what we discuss. You will want to refer to your notes afterward because you will receive so much information. Also have your questions written down in advance so you can be organized and make sure we discuss everything that you want to talk about.

Can I Record the Session?
Yes, I highly recommend you have a recording device so you will not miss anything and you can refer to this after our session. It will also keep you calm during our session so you are not worried about missing or forgetting  anything.

Are the Sessions Over the Phone or In-Person?

Most sessions are over the phone. Actually the quality of a session over the  phone is often better because there are fewer distractions for both of us. In- person sessions may be arranged at my office in Virginia Beach.

Do I Make the Call?
Yes, once we schedule a session you will be provided with a phone number to call me direct.

Do You Offer Emergency Readings? 
Yes, in special cases I can provide readings on an emergency basis. Please note your need for an emergency reading in your contact email to me. 

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