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Karen Crawford Rooney is a gifted intuitive, an evidential psychic medium, empath, and healer who has helped hundreds of people through her ability to connect with the spiritual realm. Since her early childhood, Karen was aware of her unique abilities and developed them through years of practice and guidance by studying with well-known intuitive teachers such as Carol Ann Liaros, Suzanne Giesemann, and the Reverend Elizabeth Oliva, among others.

She has also worked with the Edgar Cayce Association for research and enlightenment (A.R.E.). Located in Virginia Beach, Va.

Karen has impacted the lives of individuals seeking clarity and healing with life situations through her insightful readings focusing on relationships, business dealings, health, and practical approaches to life's challenges and confusion. She works with people across the United States and internationally. Karen has been a practicing psychic medium for many years and is currently completing the Spiritual Guidance and Mentorship Training program at Atlantic University.


Karen is involved furthering intuitive awareness and service with the WayShowers in Virginia Beach, Virginia, through participation with the international entity of Lightworkers and through spiritual circles. Karen's abilities are somewhat unique in that she embraces and is gifted with many modalities. She receives information from the unseen realms in several forms, as a clairsentient, a clairvoyant, and a clairaudient meaning through feelings, seeing, and by hearing. She also has the gift of psychometry, kundalini energy.


As a medium, Karen acts as a liaison with souls who have passed over and wish to relay messages from the spiritual world to those of us still in the physical world. Her detail in relaying physical appearance, characteristics, favorite phrases, and shared experiences of those who have transitioned provide the evidence for her clients that they are communicating with their passed loved ones.


Karen's powerful abilities are blended with a lighthearted approach, which relaxes and comforts her clients. Her sessions are detailed and impactful.

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