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Karen Crawford Rooney

Psychic Medium, Empathic Healer & Lightworker

Artwork by Karen Crawford Rooney

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Dear Friends,

Hello and welcome. I’m Karen and I’m a psychic medium, blessed to have multiple modalities. I have been aware of my connection to the Spiritual Realm since I was a young child. I was adopted at a young age and grew up in a family that did not share my “knowing.” This is understandable, as strong psychic ability is often hereditary and passed through generations. However, I believe we are all born with psychic abilities and in order to retain them we must acknowledge, protect, and nurture them to the best of our ability.

Over time, I learned to embrace what Spirit (my God) had given me and I came to understand that not only had I been blessed with a gift but I had also been entrusted with a responsibility to be of service to others. As people became increasingly aware of my abilities, I was asked repeatedly for readings from those seeking insight into their personal past and present situations. I also found many had a great interest in the afterlife and a desire to connect with those who had crossed over. This is where my role as a medium comes in as I can connect with those who have passed in addition to my psychic abilities.

Throughout the years, I’ve helped people find answers to questions about their pasts and future, find closure, and better understand their lives. I welcome the opportunity to work together with you and help you find the answers you seek. Blessings and White Light.

Blessings & White Light,


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"Karen is amazing! ...She is not only accurate and insightful, but also offers positive and constructive possibilities to help you navigate through difficult or painful situations..."

– P.C.Y., Educational Psychologist

"I have had many readings over the years from gifted psychics. However, the evidence provided in Karen’s reading for me was unmatched... I highly recommend her."

– Francis G., Corporate Vice President/Marketing

"...I have not forgotten this exceptionally incredible experience. I look forward to having another reading with you in the near future."


– F.Y., Commercial Airline Pilot

"Karen is extremely powerful and is able to receive information in many forms. Her sense of humor relaxes you and her practical approach helps you to be receptive to the information she receives. She is a very gifted psychic."

– Anne G., Psychiatric Nurse

"The experience was remarkable, healing, comforting and filled me with hope. I simply cannot recommend Karen highly enough for the positive impact this had on me and for how I know she is so gifted to be able to help others as well."


  -Edward., Marketing Executive

"I have had several readings over the years.  Not only has Karen’s been the most accurate, but also the easiest to comprehend.  Spirit guides her, talks to her, shows her.... There are no charts to interpret. It’s all straight forward.  I trust Karen and willI continue to schedule readings with her."

-T Cass Aviation Industry

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